Murag, Cheiftan of Glotten-Nag


Murag2.jpgName: Murag
Level: 18
Race: Orc
Class: Beserker
Age: 75
Height: 7’3"
Weight: 310 pounds
Deity: Bahgtru
Languages: Common, Orcish
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Hit Points: 250
Strength: 28
Dexterity: 15
Intelligence: 9
Movement Speed: 7
Armor Class: 24

Weapons and Gear

Volendrungg: Ancient great-warhammer 2d10 damage plus 2d6 of siphoning health.
Great-Bow of dexterity: Orcish great-bow 2d8 damage. Increases focus +2 dexterity

Armor of the Mammoth: Orcish armor, extremely durable that +14 to armor class. Chest, arm and leg pieces.

Racial Ability
Berserker Rage: Dropping below 1/3 max Hit Points sends the player into a violent frenzy. The player receives a +2 bonus to Strength and Dexterity, along with non-magic based damage received being halved. The effect lasts 2 rounds during which the player must perform an attack every round. After the effect the player cannot attack or perform a Run action during their next turn.

Great Weapon Expertise (Level 6): Through lengthy training with two-handed and great weapons, can now wield proficiently in one hand. All attacks with great weapons have a +5 to attack and damage rolls. If using a great-hammer or great-mace, opponents must succeed a dex check of 15 to stay upright. If using a great-sword, great-axe or great-scythe, a crit will result in a 1d10 extra cleave into an opponent. If wielding a great-weapon in two hands, attack and damage rolls become +7.

Primal Instinct: Character has honed instincts and become able to dodge impeding attacks once per encounter.

Blacksmith’s Knowledge (Level Orcish Metal): Able to craft materials out of iron, steel and Orcish metals.

Bloodlust (Level 5): If opponent is below half health, attack and damage rolls get a +5 bonus. If opponent is below a quarter health, attack and damage rolls get a +7 instead.

Call of the Horde: Uses a horn to gather and boost moral and buffs allies for an extra +3 for attack and damage rolls for 1d6 turns.


Murag grew up in the village of Glotten-Nag and fought his way up to cheiftan. Very fair and very powerful.

Murag, Cheiftan of Glotten-Nag

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