Maedrach Uvatharnen

Player Character - Matt


Name: Maedrach Uvatharnen
Level: 7
Race: Elf
Class: Druid
Age: 7,XXX
Height: 6’10"
Weight: 250 pounds
Bear Form Weight: 500 pounds
Deity: Elune
Languages: Common, Elven
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Hit Points: 33 (roll 1d8)
Strength: 8 + 5points = 13
Dexterity: 12
Intelligence: 12
Movement Speed: 7
Armor Class: 10 +2 from armor +1 from skin
Magicka Points: 12 points


+2 to attack and damage on Strength based rolls

+10 attack with bear
+6 damage with bear

+6 to strength attacks with Halberd
+4 to damage with halberds


Hide Robes +2
Iron Halberd 2d6 6ft long

2 short swords
2 iron swords
1 shield
1 scimitar
Full Silver Armor ~42k?

Gold: 3252


10 Greater Health Potions 2d10


Character Racial

Elven Expertise: At first level the player chooses either Strength, Dexterity or Intelligence. The player gains a +2 to attack and damage rolls for attacks that apply a bonus from the chosen stat.

Character Passives

Halberd Expertise (Level 1): The player is skilled with Halberds and gains +1 to attack and damage rolls using them.

Lacerate (Level 1): The player has enhanced claws in bear form dealing 1d6 bleed damage to the target on a hit with their claws.

2 point from nat 20 deity roll

Character Actives

Dire Bear Form (Level 3): The player may only use this spell twice per encounter. The player gains +5 to AC, +5 to strength, and access to bear form abilities. This will last 3 turns. Claws do 1d12 dmg.

Bear Hug (Level 1): The player grabs hold of the enemy dealing 1d10 dmg plus 1d4 crushing per turn the enemy is held. The player is unable to do anything else while using Bear Hug. 2 turns of successfully gripping then will crush their bones and paralyze them.

Charge (Level 1): The Player charges in bear form towards the target, Using their whole turn to run to them. The player then does a melee attack at the target and receives +3 to his attack.

Growl (Level 1): The player Growls at the target taunting them to attack the player until the target loses focus of the player. This has a 30 foot range and is considered a minor action.

Healing Touch (Level 1): The player needs to make contact with the target in order to heal them for 2d4 hit points.


Maedrach Uvatharnen

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