Damakos Anata

Player Character - Brian Malone



Name: Damakos Anata
Level: 6
Race: Tiefling
Class: Blackguard
Age: 27
Height: 6’3
Weight: 290 pounds
Deity: Asmodeus – Overlord of the Nine Hells
Languages: Common, Infernal
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Hit Points: 50 (1d12 per level)
Strength: 11 + 9 (Skill Points) +2 (Item) = 22
Dexterity: 9
Intelligence: 11
Movement Speed: 6 + 1 (Item) = 7
Armor Class: 10 + 4 (Item) +2 (Ability) = 16


Attack Multipliers and Bonus Effects

Base Strength Attack Bonus: +12 (Strength) +1 (Large Weapon Mastery) = 13

Intimidation Bonus: +12 (Strength) +2 (Bonus Ability) = 14

Bluff and speech: + 1 (Int) + 2 (Bonus Ability) = 3

Night Vision: Tieflings can see in the dark

Damage Multipliers

Base Strength Damage: +12 (Strength) +1 (Large Weapon Mastery) = 13

Base Intelligence Damage: +1 (Intelligence) = 1

Base Dexterity Damage: 0

Damage Rolls

Infernal Judgement: 1/3 maximum HP 16 fire damage to a 10×10 foot area after activating and landing a successful attack

Static Discharge: 1d6 Lightning damage

Long Sword: 1d8

Holy Axe: 2d8 +1d4 bleed damage +1d4 holy damage

Iron Axe: 1d8


Gold: 3,850


Heavy Armor Set – +4 Armor


Long Sword – Str based, 1d8 damage

Holy Axe – Str based, 2d8 + 1d4 bleed damage + 1d4 holy damage

Iron Axe – Str based, 1d8 damage

Knuckles of strength – +2 str


(50) intense hp pots, heal for 25 health

(1) Chardonnay bottles

Dog Collar – Tagged, Spike


Racial Ability

Infernal Judgment (Level 1) – The player takes damage equal to 1/3 their maximum Hit Points. The player’s next successful attack creates a 10 foot x 10 foot explosion dealing fire damage to all enemies within the area of effect equal to the damage the player was originally dealt.

Character Abilities

Large Weapon Mastery (Level 1) – The player receives +1/ +1 to all attack/damage rolls with large weapons.

Static Discharge (Level 1) – The player’s weapons flourishes with electricity. When an enemy is struck, they take 1d6 lightning damage.

Bonus Abilities

Battle Hardened – +2 to Armor Class

Fear and Diplomacy – +2 to intimidation, bluff, and speech rolls.


Damakos Anata would tend to do what is in his favor whether it hurt others or not. Always had a bittersweet love for where he came from. His mom and dad left him as an infant but his grandma was always there to take care of him. He treated those her knew with much love and others with all hell being broken loose. As a kid growing up, he got into trouble often. Constant trips to the counsel, lectures left and right. On the brink of being old enough for arrest, he gave in and decided to has spent 13 years serving his village of the outcast race known has Tieflings. A feeling of love and respect started to fill him within these times for his village. He starting training at 14 years old and advanced to his leader’s right hand guard at the young age of 20. Throughout this time, he has faced battle time and time again but Damakos would soon find out that those would only be tiny slaps compared to what was about to happen. An army came in one day and started destroying everything. Buildings destroyed, people falling. Damakos fought long and hard. Fighting a one sided fight. He soon ended up, on the brink, forced to bear witness to the death of the Tiefling leader. Trying to crawl away, he passed out shortly after. The next sight seen is the sight of a beautiful elven lady. A nearby Elf village found him laying helpless and took him back with them. Damakos would then spend the day living in this village at the elven lady Ratha Sarris trying to woo her while figuring out what is going on.

Damakos Anata

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