Abraxas Windwalker

Player character - Danielle


Player character – Danielle

Name: Abraxas Garveri Windwalker
Level: 6
Race: Dragonborn (Blue)
Class: Bard
Age: 28
Height: 6”7
Weight: 275 lbs
Deity: Celestian (God of stars and wanderers)
Languages: Common, Draconic
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Hit points: 33
Strength: 11
Dexterity: 10
Intelligence: 16
Movement speed: 7
Armor class: 14
+3 INT modifier for vicious mockery and sound based attacks

Dragon’s Breath – Lightning (Level 2):
The player exhales a forceful blast of Lightning 15 ft in front of them in a cone. The blast deals 2d8 + INT modifier points of electric damage. Critical hits fill leave targets paralyzed.

-Peddler: The player receives a +2 bonus when speaking with a shopkeep about buying or selling goods.

-Lock picking (Level 1)

-Vicious Mockery (Level 2):
The player raps a slew of insults at a single target demoralizing them and their perception of their mother. Upon a successful attack the target receives 2d6 + INT modifier points of sonic damage and are left flatfooted for 1 round of combat.

-Rapper (Level 3):
The player was born and raised in the ghetto and used rapping as a means to escape his depressing surroundings. Through years of practice and natural ability the player has become an expert MC capable of delivering the hottest rhymes over the freshest of beats. The player adds a +5 modifier to all rolls associated with the magical sounds he emits from his voice. Word.

Gold: 5016
Armor: Basic leathers and traveling clothes.
Miscellaneous: 6 Max Health Potions, Throbbing Tree of Loch arrow
Trinket: A gemstone that looks like a lump of coal when examined by anyone but you, given to him by his parents.

Magical Items
Enchanted necklace + 2 stealth
Enchanted boots +1 movement speed
“Throbbing Dagger” acquired after fight with Kobolds outside of Dawnstar

Born to a family of nomadic desert merchants, Abraxas was raised in a close-knit group of immediate family, only rarely visiting others of his kind. Though his family were successful in their profession, there was great hostility between them and rural villages outside of the major trading cities due to their race. It was in one of these small villages that his family was ambushed on the outskirts, killing both of his parents. Young Abraxas, only eleven years old, fled into the wilderness and was left for dead by his assailants.
As Abraxas grew up, he did what he could to make ends meet. He traveled from city to city on roads well-known from the time spent with his parents, doing oddjobs for money and, when necessary, pick-pocketing or conning people out of their possessions. Despite his lack of structured or traditional lifestyle, Abraxas was a fast-learner, and spent most of his time watching and imitating men of all races older than he. It was from these many faceless mentors that he learned his love of stories, able to recount the myths and folklore of many peoples across the land. Though he has a love of all things shiny and can be rather vain, Abraxas finds great honor and value in the tales told to him, and is always eager to use them to his advantage, when he can.
Vain, sweet-talking, and relatively short-tempered, Abraxas has a somewhat morbid and dry sense of humor. He finds the discomfort and terror of others fun and humorous. Although he sees no use in senseless murder, he is not afraid to defend himself by any means necessary. Unless a particular action serves his ulterior motive or results in a reward, Abraxas is not likely to participate. He would do most anything if offered a great enough reward, whether it be a surplus of money or of power. He takes great pride in his abilities, all that he has learned, and his appearance. Though he is nomadic and cannot own many material possessions, he has a fondness for jewels and precious metals. From the jewelry he adorns his body with to the books and engravings he stows away in his travel-bag, he is known to be one to brag when given the chance. He adorns himself with necklaces, piercings, and other trinkets made of fine metals and gems, though he seems to prefer the bright blue of sapphires, similar to scales that coat his own body.




Abraxas Windwalker

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