Travelers of Athoria

First Encounters

A tiefling by the name of Damakos Anata wakes up in a small hut in the village of Elynwyn, unsure of his surroundings. As he looks around he gets up and proceeds to open the door of the hut and to his surprise sees a village, bustling with activity. On his left he sees a river and to his right are the posts for the guards to man. He goes into the shopping area and asks around. No one seems to remember the only tielfing in an elven dominated village and they point him towards the main hut of the village for some sense of direction and who saved him.

Meanwhile in the forest a dragonborn deeply shaded in blue with the name of Abaraxas Windwalker is making his way through a forest. As he comes to a fork in the road, he follows the path that is seemingly well traveled. However, before he can start his trek down this road, a deer crosses his path as if beckoning him towards something. Paying the deer no heed, Abaraxas continues on his way.


Damakos finally makes his way to the main hut in the village and enters. Inside he sees a round table and a fireplace that is roaring merrily. Besides the fire are four elves that seem a little older than the elves in the village. Damakos asks these elders about where he was but the elders at first did not know who he was. After a few minutes the elders realize who Damakos was and fills him in on how he got here. After Damakos’s villlage burned to the ground by a band of Kobolds, the elves rescued him and nursed him back to health. Damakos, grateful, thanks his hosts and exits the hut.

A little behind Abaraxas, a very old elf by by the name of Maedrach Uvatharen is venturing his way down a beaten path. As he looks to his left he sees a deer that is intently watching him. Maedrach pulls out some seemingly irresistible leaves from his pouch and beckons for the deer to come closer. The deer comes closer and then retreats a few steps as if to beckon Maedrach. Maedrach dismisses the deer and reaches a signpost. Looking at the elven town written on the wood, he ventures that way.

A ways behind old Maedrach is a tiefling whose name is Tybalt Shadowhorn. As he makes his way down the path to Elynwyn, he sees a deer cross his path. Seeing some shrubbery in the area he attempts to hide but is very unsuccessful as the deer tilts his head in a very quizzical look. Tybalt pulls out an arrow and aims at the deer. The deer, sensing danger starts to backpedal, but out of vain. The arrow strikes the deer above the chest and is embedded in the shoulder, fatally wounding the deer. Tybalt then releases a second arrow, finishing off the deer. As he walks towards his kill, he sees a note affixed to the deer’s left leg. He opens the note and finds that it is written in elvish and looks to be very hastily and urgently written. Throwing his kill upon his back he starts walking towards Elynwyn.

Damakos makes his way to the hut that he has left originally and inside is a beautiful elf by the name of Ratha. Ratha is cooking, stirring a pot and humming to herself, seemingly in high spirits. Damakos feels a strong surge of attraction for her and asks what she’s cooking. Ratha answers that shes making a stew. Damakos replies saying that he loves deer in his stew and Ratha’s face goes white. She gets incredibly mad at Damakos, driving him out of the hut. With a swift close of the door, Damakos finds himself outside again.

Abaraxas finally reaches the village of Elynwyn and is immediately met at the gate by a guard. After a few questions he is free to roam the city. He makes his way to the market side of the village and decides to barter or trade and sell wares. He walks up to the first booth and finds out that they only sell fruit and vegetables in this village. As he goes to the next booth, he finds that the next merchant is only selling shirts and simple clothing. As he reaches the last booth he finally finds what he’s looking for. This merchant sells jewelry, and Abaraxas looks at his wares. After deciding on a different time to come by, he leaves.

Maerdach sees Tybalt up ahead on the path and hurries up to talk to him upon recognizing the deer. Hesitant at first, Tybalt doesn’t want to interact with the old elf. However, recalling the note written in elvish, Tybalt divulges the note to Maedrach. Maedrach translates the note which contains the words help, urgent and immediately. After not seeing any sort of signing or stamp, Maedrach returns the note to Tybalt and the two start walking on their way, far apart from each other but in the same direction.

Abaraxas makes his way into the center of the village and starts to talk to the townsfolk about the location of the local tavern. He finds out that the closest thing to a tavern in this small village is an inn, located at the edge of the village. Abaraxas stops here and looks around.

Damakos goes back to the hut where Ratha is and tries to talk to her again. This time she is persuaded to go out of the hut and they walk towards the center of town.

Maedrach reaches the village before Tybalt does, due to lack of a dead deer weighing him down and has a chat with the guard. The guard sees no problem with Maedrach and welcomes him to the village. As Maedrach enters the village, Tybalt saunters in with the dead deer on full display slung across his shoulder. Almost immediately the guard rushes over and tells him to halt and asks why he has the deer over his shoulder. Almost sarcastically Tybalt responds with him wanting to eat the deer. Seeing as Tybalt was a teifling and didn’t really see an issue with eating a slain deer, the guard begrudgingly steps aside for him to pass. Maedrach started talking to the guard asking about if the village was in any danger. The guard played it off and told him everything was alright until Maedrach mentioned a note. The guard then asked for the note and Maedrach pointed to Tybalt. Tybalt lies to the guard telling him that he has no such note. A little skeptical, the guard asks him again to the the note. Once again Tybalt coolly lies and says that he doesn’t have any sort of note. Tybalt could read the guard’s face and emotions and the guard seemed to be very tense and insistent on seeing the note. Tyblalt walks past him and Maedrach promises the guard that he would get the note.



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